HVAC Simple Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance

Using your heater to get warm when its cold outside or using your air conditioning to cool off on hot summer days.

We tend to forget about the equipment that keeps us comfortable until it quits working.  Although it is nearly impossible to for-see mechanical or electrical failure in HVAC equipment, there is one simple maintenance homeowners can perform to aid in the longevity and efficiency of their equipment. Change or clean the air filter often.

Any heater or air conditioner that  blows air into or throughout the home has an air filter to trap dust and debris from the air before it is circulated through the equipment.  The filter may be located in the equipment, in an open-able air intake grill, or within the run of the cold air return duct.

Most filters are disposable and standard sizes that are readily available at the local hardware or home store.  Many filters are washable and can be removed, washed with a hose, and reinstalled after dry.  Some filters are special sizes and can be found online. And some filters are electronic. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning electronic air filters.

This simple task can be completed in a minimal amount of time and usually with minimal effort, but if not completed at all, can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs and/or utilities.

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